Shaking Nimbus bottle

Plant milk that travels light

Delicious Australian oat milk that ships without the water. Just add it yourself, shake and enjoy!

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Our planet-friendly oat milk has been reimagined from the soil up and crafted to ship without the water – meaning less weight, less packaging, and less emissions.

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Pouring Nimbus Oat Milk into a glass cup at the dining room table
Opening Oat Mocha pouch and revealing powder inside

Sarah G

Helps to streamline my morning shake

I add this to my morning ‘run out the door’ shake, it has a bit of an acquired taste by itself but mixed with other things works well. Very convenient way to get a coffee hit and milk alternative into my shake without taking up as much cupboard or fridge space.

Fiona D

Small sample cost $6,...

Small sample cost $6, tastes okay but it separated in the jar within a day.

Jacquie L

Revolutionary - I'm recommending it to everyone I know!

I can't get over how delicious and easy-to-make this oat milk is! I only really use milk for my tea, so I was wasting SO MUCH money buying cartons that would expire well before I could finish them. Being able to make small batches of milk using Nimbus - without all the faff and sliminess of homemade oat milk - has been life-changing (and so much better for the environment, too).

Katherine C

Value for money

Great value to try this out.

Jacinta W

love it


Bronwyn S

Great flavour and texture

So easy to prepare, I'm using my Yeti cocktail shaker to pop it together each night so the milk is ready to go in the morning.

John C

Nimbus Oat Milk is worth the effort for our environment!

Nimbus Oat Milk is just like the pre-packaged and mixed oat milks but without the packaging and water. The effort to mix my own milk from the healthy ingredients, in my own reusable glass bottles, is worth it to help our environment.

Greg P

Tasty and better for the environment and cows

Quick delivery, nice to be able to use less packaging and best of all great tasting.

Suzette K

Oat Milk

Less packaging , great taste , so convenient.

Danielle T


Creamy and as good as the packaged stuff

Nicole W

Tastes great, minimal packaging and quick delivery!

Tastes great, minimal packaging and quick delivery!

Chitra S

Great oat milk, would recommend!

Great product with good flavour, and the same price as grocery store oat milk. Makes me feel better knowing that I’m lowering my carbon footprint.

Lauren S

Save the planet

Delicious and love the packaging. It’s also a full circular economy as you can send the pouches back to Nimbus for recycling. Love that!

Asha C

Subtle taste, creamy texture

Easy to use, makes a nice and creamy milk that is subtle and not over powering taste. Did find that using cold water from the fridge made it more likely to be lumpy and harder to shake but with experimenting found the best method. While it is quick to make a bottle i would recommend having a spare bottle so you can make another batch up as one runs out.

Michael O

Very easy process from...

Very easy process from start to finish.

Gabriela P

Practical, tasty, and creamy!

Preparing my hot drink in the morning to take to work is so easy! I just mix in hot water, nimbus oat milk, and a bit of matcha with maple syrup and im ready! Love the taste and texture of the oat milk!

Candice H

Helping the planet

Great product and milk tastes great. Just a little hard to pour milk from the jar without dripping a bit.

Valerie K

Prevents so much waste

I was interested in this because normally oat milk comes in cartons that can’t be recycled where I live. So first great thing is not those cartons to dispose of!

Paula S

This bottle is really...

This bottle is really good for making your milk. I was using a bottle I had at home but it was really hard to pour the powder in and mix it. This bottle is perfect!

Vicky G

Best oat milk I’ve had.

Awesome. Easy to mix, super tasty and less fuel costs in the transporting. It’s a winner all ‘round.

Lizzy P

Yes good

Tried to use my own bottle and got thoroughly confused so glad I got this one

Lizzy P


Lovely, good for when I'm low on coffee or want to make mocha brownies

Lizzy P


Good to know what they mean by a scoop

Emily H

Less Waste

Love that I am now reducing my waste! Plus its also delicious and easy to prepare

Samantha J

Handy and recycled

Handy scoop and love that it’s made from recycled plastics!

Tanya D

Very happy

The family has agreed that nimbus tastes better than the store bought ones that I normally purchase. The oat milk is definitely better 24hrs after you first make it though. :)

Pavel E

Best environment friendly oat milk

This is the best oat milk I’ve ever tried, especially knowing I don’t contribute anymore to a landfill.

Neville C

It’s just great

I found it very easy to prepare, I have it on my Cereal every morning, it is so easy to prepare.

Stefanie G

Oat milk, saving plastic bottles and transport

I love the texture and flavour, in cereal, in smoothies and in my coffee. I has a slight sweet taste, naturally coming from the oats. Reminds of "Schmelzflocken" from my German childhood.

Kirsty C

Tasty, affordable and good for the environment

The oat milk is really tasty. Richer than store bought non- powered. The calcium content is not quite as high as the store bought product but otherwise I love it! Feels really good to use less packaging and not have to be going to the shop all the time. Have ordered two more pouches already.

Zac M

Pretty perfect 👌

Perfect amount for my monthly breakfast, saved soooo many unrecyclable cartons

Samantha G

Good value

Starter kit was great value and the oat milk tastes great! Review edited to 5 stars after fixing a leaky bottle issue - I simply wasn't tightening the lid enough! Can now easily prepare the oat milk in the bottle included with the starter kit.

Alexandra M

Makes the best oat latte ☕️

Not sure why some reviews say this is not good in coffee - it makes a delicious and frothy oat latte in my coffee machine! Maybe people just don't know how to froth oat milk properly haha. So yum and so amazing that I now have no waste - thanks Nimbus!

Claire B

Makes life easier

It’s very convenient having the bulk oat milk in the pantry. We never run out of milk and it’s one less heavy item on the weekly shopping list. Very happy to be reducing the amount of packaging our household uses.

rebekah h

Great product for those on the go

Love the simplicity and convivence, less packaging and the bottle/scoop combo was certainly worth it. Only draw back is really need to make up and allow to sit maybe 20mins before use, otherwise the thickener can be a little bit bitter.

Angharad T

Great product

Love this - so easy and it makes me happy knowing I'm not purchasing tetrapacks!

Richard L

Space saver

Apart from the environmental benefits and the price - this takes up so much less space in my pantry than 5 one litre cartons. I love it.

Dan B


If your not to sure about Oat Milk try this but you won't. This Oat is my go to, it tastes great.

Dan B

New standard

This Oat Milk stands out from all the rest and the taste is great

Sebastian S

Generally a good alternative to tetra packs

I love that I can make up as much as I need, having less product waste and packaging waste is fantastic. It is nicer than the cheap brands of oat milk, but it definitely doesn't compare to the fancier brands. I'll probably buy more as I don't drink coffee at home as much as I used to. Held up alright using it in cooking too.

Rebecca B

Great solution to the dreaded tetra packs!

I have an oat milk protein shake for my breakfast. Sooo many tetra packs of oat milk. It’s a hassle carrying them, storing them, having a warm shake because I’m using a pack from the pantry, running out and not being able to make my shake. So this product is great. It’s a small bag in the pantry, I make it as needed, it’s always cold, and it tastes really nice. Anything that makes the morning easier is getting 5 stars from me!

Melanie H

Delicious dairy-free milk, good for you and the environment!

This milk is so yum!! Love the re-usable bottle and the fact that it takes up next to no room in the pantry PLUS it's good for the environment too.

Paul C

Easy to make and Healthy .

This is so handy l can make up how much l need and l feel this is really helping me no more congestion.

Kym J

Value for money

Value for money and it has everything you need to get started and converted to enjoying the Oat powder on a regular basis.

How it works

Picking up Nimbus mailer from doorstep

Get it delivered

Get your Nimbus plant milk delivered straight to your door. It’s 90% lighter than milk cartons and shipped with 100% recyclable packaging.

Nimbus Shaker bottle being shaken up in hand

Add water & shake

Make as much (or as little) as you’d like – no cheesecloth, blenders or pantries full of milk cartons required. Just add water and shake.

Pouring Oat Milk into a glass cup at dining room table

Sip, froth, or chill

With breakfast, a coffee or straight from the cup, serve it up however you fancy. Sip away or save the rest for a sweet treat later on.