Our Mission

Planet-friendly oat milk

So here’s the thing with plant milk. While milk from a cow comes out in liquid form, plant-based milk never had any water in it to begin with. And the issue with water is it’s heavy – really heavy.

The plant-based milks you find on supermarket shelves contain mostly water, and are shipped around the world in cartons, but only recycled 26% of the time.

We’re on a mission to create nutritious and delicious plant milk that’s good for you and even better for the planet.

Join our mission

Placing Nimbus Shaker Bottle in tote bag

Reduce emissions

Transporting high volume cartons has a huge impact on our environment. By removing the bulky packaging and heavy, hard-to-ship water, we’re 90% lighter than other plant milks on the shelf.

Nimbus starter pack opened

Reduce landfill

Reducing the amount of packaging we use is one of the most important actions we can take to reduce landfill. For our products we’re using 90% less packaging, with most of it made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Pouring Nimbus Oat Milk into tall glass at dining room table

Reduce wastage

Close to one third of the world's food supply is wasted annually. With Nimbus, only serve up what you need and eliminate the unnecessary waste. With a long shelf life there’s no refrigeration necessary!