Up-to-date information on how to go zero waste and recycle your Nimbus packaging.

For anything else, reach out to us at [email protected]

How do I recycle Nimbus packaging?

Our packaging is made of recycled mono materials that are designed to be recycled again. As recycling systems are ever growing and changing, we decided to put all the information you need here instead of printing it on the packaging. You can find a short guide for our products here:

  • Pouch/sachets – Recyclable via local soft plastic schemes e.g. RecycleSmart or Curby, or return to us!
  • Traveller Pack boxes – Curb-side recyclable.
  • Cardboard Mailers – Curb-side recyclable.

Return your packaging to us!

Click here to see if you are fortunate enough to live in an area with a RecycleSmart pick up for soft plastics. If not, we have partnered with RecycleSmart to recycle your Nimbus pouches and sachets for you - woohoo! Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Collect 6 pouches and/or lots of sachets, then flatten them completely.
    2. Put them in a paper envelope with maximum dimensions 36x26cm and 2cm thick.
    3. Affix 2x $1.5 stamps (we will give you a $3 store credit to cover this!).
    4. Write the name and email you use for Nimbus orders on the envelope, so we know where to send the store credit.
    5. Address to: NIMBUS RECYCLING, 64 Argyle Place, Millers Point NSW 2000
    6. Pop in a post box and celebrate zero waste (notes welcome)!

PLEASE NOTE: The envelope cannot be thicker than 2cm or heavier than 125g, otherwise it becomes a parcel and costs more and we can only reimburse $3. We worked this out to be about 6 pouches completely flattened and spread out in the envelope. That's 30 litres of oat milk packaging in one envelope! We process our recycling monthly, so please be a little patient waiting for the store credit to hit your inbox :)

What happens to the soft plastics that I send you?

Our partners at RecycleSmart collect and consolidate your soft plastics before sending them to APR Plastics. Here they will be processed, shredded, and converted into feedstock oil. This oil is then turned into resin which enables it to become flexible food packaging again.

If you'd like more details, there is a great video of the full process here.

What we absolutely love about this solution is that it is completely circular - the plastics can be recycled into food-grade packaging, and no more precious resources need to be taken from our planet. A big thank you to the innovators at RecycleSmart and APR for making this possible - you are amazing!