The Nimbus scoop is your handy companion making measuring your powder a treat. Created in collaboration with Defy Design.

  • Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Designed to be used over and over again
  • Food-safe

$5 shipping to metro areas · Free for orders over $50

Emily B

Very happy customer

This is the only way I want to get my oat milk from now on.

Autumn J

Fantastic product and customer service

Not only do I love this product for what it is but the customer service is absolutely unbeatable. Just brilliant to deal with. Thanks so much guys.

Kym J

Definitely worth buying

Easy to use and make as much as you need. Plus it tastes great!

Jonathan T

Easy and convenient

Great taste, easy to make, and less waste!

Kirsty K

Great alternative to tetra packaging

Tasty, healthy, great to reduce plastic packaging. 👏🏼

Amanda G

Very Happy

So nice to have milk ready when we need it & not run out. Wonderful to know we can recycle the pouches! Thank you

Vincent T

Absolutely stand out product!...

Absolutely stand out product! This tastes better than any pre-boxed one Ive ever bought/had so 5 stars for that right off the bat. Then there is the convenience of it at hand, zero boxes, close to zero waste. Throwing 1 - 2 of those boxes each week felt terrible. Then you get all this at the same price if not cheaper than the boxed alternative. Great work Nimbus, please do more categories soon!

Sayuri A


It’s so easy to make and tasty. I use a little less powder tan recommended. Staple in our kitchen now :)

Wendy N

perfect for on the go

these are the best pre-packaged non dairy milk powders for my son, perfect for out and about on the go to make a quick milk shake for the little man, will be buying more.

Kerri B

delicious healthy milk saving the planet

The milk tastes delicious and it is easy to make.

Liz H

This is the best....

This is the best. We've tried so many kinds of oat milk - but this is the one we'll be sticking with. We love that it cuts down on so much waste. Tastes good in coffee, easy to mix up. We also add a scoop to pancake mix, our morning oats and smoothies. We're signing up to a subscription. :)

Cameron G

Tastes great and added calcium

Tastes great. Fantastic that it has added calcium unlike some other powders.

Kelly B

Nimbus Oatmilk Powder: wholesome, eco-friendly, and the best-tasting oat milk.

Nimbus Oatmilk Powder offers simple, wholesome ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. It's the best-tasting oat milk around. Highly recommended!

David B

Try it for the...

Try it for the first time, loved it and it handy to make one drink at a time and great for when out and about thanks putting in a order for more

Taya R

Great pack

Great pack and so easy to use. Great for the environment and fresh milk at my fingertips! x

Mark M

Deliciously good for the planet

We love the fact that we are reducing our impact on the environment every time we enjoy a coffee with our Nimbus oat milk. What’s not to love? Delicious and good for the planet!


So Happy

Extremely happy to find Nimbus - was previously using almond paste in jars and found they left gritty residue - love this powered version and you can adjust according to taste.

Sharon E

Really Like that I can Make Fresh Each Time

Ability to make fresh oat milk each time

Taryn B

Never going back to cartons!

Never going back to cartons! Fast delivery, easy preparation, delicious milk, fabulous company.

Hannah H

So creamy

I was a bit skeptical about it tasting any good but I was amazed at how good it actually tastes! I usually have it in my protein smoothies and works so well. So smooth and creamy and not watery tasting. I’ve found you can even get away with using less than the recommended amount to get more liters out of the packets. I haven’t put it to the test yet with frothing for coffees though! I definitely recommend.

Bonnie Y

Perfect for FIFO!

We are loving our Nimbus! We smash through oat milk as we both have 2 protein shakes per day. I also use it in my tea. We work FIFO and it's perfect to take to work to avoid the milk alternatives they serve which are full of nasty oils and other questionable ingredients.

Bonnie Y


Perfect little scoop to measure out 1 serve!

Shirley F

Delicious oat milk

Delicious oat milk. Saving the sachets for my trip away. Very convenient.

Dean S

Try it.

We really like this. Slightly too watery for me, but it saves on plastic a tonne and is pretty good.

Kez H

Excellent product

Fast delivery easy to make up when I need and and tastes great

Amber W

Great taste

Tastes great and easily mixed into water. Although the bottle is plastic, it is easily stored in the fridge and lightweight. My 2yo daughter loves this oat milk too

Jessie S

So delicious and no bad oils, finally the right oatmilk!

So delicious, creamy, easy to make. I love that there’s no bad oils in it, it’s Aussie made, and saves on packaging. Not to mention it’s handy for camping and making smoothies on the go. Even better is that you don’t waste much milk as you can make as much/little as you want! Fully customisable oat milk quantity. I love it so much I’m subscribing

Bel D

Delicious milk that saves you money because there's no wastage!

Tastes great and is so easy to use. Half used milk cartons that expire and need to be thrown out are a thing of the past. There's no wastage, just make up the quantity you need.

Lani C

Great product ! Tastes great

Great product ! Tastes great and easy to take in my handbag

Essie R

So convenient and yummy...

So convenient and yummy and free from sunflower oil which is in most store bought oat milks

vicky b

Delicious and practical

Delicious & practical, an all round win!

Lucas P

Tastes great

The oat milk powder is great, tastes great and easy to use. Not a huge fan of the mocha drink, but something different and handy for hiking too.

Beth A

Delicious tasting oat milk

Our family of five are all loving the Nimbus oat milk. It tastes delicious and is easy to prepare.

Jai M


Tastes great and enjoy having less waste

Melanie C

All you need

All set and ready to go. No fuss, great kit

Allison H

Best oat milk I've tried

Simply fabulous product. I purchased the starter kit with scoop and bottle to simplify the mixing process and quantity desired. Flavor is as good or better than any of the previous oat milks I have tried and knowing there are no nasty additives is a win.

Kerry O

Convenient and delicious.

Convenient and delicious.

Grace A

Nice & convenient

Ordering process easy and arrived very quickly. Nice presentation and good packaging. For work and travel the satchels are so convenient and take up no room. The texture and taste is good and very easy to mix/combine/make. I really enjoy a froth on my coffee so if there was a way to make a Barista version I would happily give 5 stars.

Cheryl T

Love it!

It so easy to prepare and tastes great. And having it sent every few months is one less thing to worry about!

Ama C

Milk powder scoop..

Great product easy to use.

Ama C

Love Oat milk base

Love the flavour and consistency and its so easy to make..