Starter Kit

Say hello to your new daily routine, with the Nimbus Starter Kit. Packed with our signature Oat Milk Pouch, Shaker Bottle and Scoop.

Also choose a free bonus item: a Traveller Pack (12 single-serve sachets) or a 5L Pouch!

  • No more cartons in landfill.
  • Australian oats  + healthy avocado oil.
  • 30% of your daily calcium per serve. 
  • Only make what you need, never waste a drop!

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What’s inside

Oat Milk pouch with powder spilling out

Oat Milk

One 5L pouch of our signature oat milk, packed with equal parts nutrition and flavour.

Nimbus Shaker Bottle with lid being lifted off

Shaker Bottle

Get the perfect consistency every time. Our shaker bottle helps you measure, shake, sip and store your plant milk.

Nimbus scoop with powder


The Nimbus scoop is your handy companion to measure your plant milk.
 Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Oat Milk traveller pack with sachets popping out

Bonus Item

Choose another Oat Milk Pouch or Traveller Pack, or try our delicious 
Oat Mocha for a sweet treat.

Starter Pack packaging with contents

Recyclable Packaging

We’re using 90% less packaging, made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Shirley F

Delicious oat milk

Delicious oat milk. Saving the sachets for my trip away. Very convenient.

Dean S

Try it.

We really like this. Slightly too watery for me, but it saves on plastic a tonne and is pretty good.

Kez H

Excellent product

Fast delivery easy to make up when I need and and tastes great

Amber W

Great taste

Tastes great and easily mixed into water. Although the bottle is plastic, it is easily stored in the fridge and lightweight. My 2yo daughter loves this oat milk too

Jessie S

So delicious and no bad oils, finally the right oatmilk!

So delicious, creamy, easy to make. I love that there’s no bad oils in it, it’s Aussie made, and saves on packaging. Not to mention it’s handy for camping and making smoothies on the go. Even better is that you don’t waste much milk as you can make as much/little as you want! Fully customisable oat milk quantity. I love it so much I’m subscribing

Bel D

Delicious milk that saves you money because there's no wastage!

Tastes great and is so easy to use. Half used milk cartons that expire and need to be thrown out are a thing of the past. There's no wastage, just make up the quantity you need.

Lani C

Great product ! Tastes great

Great product ! Tastes great and easy to take in my handbag

Essie R

So convenient and yummy...

So convenient and yummy and free from sunflower oil which is in most store bought oat milks

vicky b

Delicious and practical

Delicious & practical, an all round win!

Lucas P

Tastes great

The oat milk powder is great, tastes great and easy to use. Not a huge fan of the mocha drink, but something different and handy for hiking too.

Beth A

Delicious tasting oat milk

Our family of five are all loving the Nimbus oat milk. It tastes delicious and is easy to prepare.

Jai M


Tastes great and enjoy having less waste

Melanie C

All you need

All set and ready to go. No fuss, great kit

Allison H

Best oat milk I've tried

Simply fabulous product. I purchased the starter kit with scoop and bottle to simplify the mixing process and quantity desired. Flavor is as good or better than any of the previous oat milks I have tried and knowing there are no nasty additives is a win.

Kerry O

Convenient and delicious.

Convenient and delicious.

Grace A

Nice & convenient

Ordering process easy and arrived very quickly. Nice presentation and good packaging. For work and travel the satchels are so convenient and take up no room. The texture and taste is good and very easy to mix/combine/make. I really enjoy a froth on my coffee so if there was a way to make a Barista version I would happily give 5 stars.

Cheryl T

Love it!

It so easy to prepare and tastes great. And having it sent every few months is one less thing to worry about!

Ama C

Milk powder scoop..

Great product easy to use.

Ama C

Love Oat milk base

Love the flavour and consistency and its so easy to make..


It tastes amazing

I love it, I was expecting some chemical taste but it's creamy and delicious.

Kirsten G

Creamy, easy to make. Better for the planet.

So creamy and easy to make. I'm also very happy to not be using polluting tetra packs of oat milk anymore!

Deborah T

Great find!

Tastes great and is so easy to mix up the amount you need! love the minimal packaging and easy ordering. ticks so many boxes for us!

Melissa B


So delicious easy to use fresh oat milk any time no more waste !!

Iris H

Easy to drink

Easily mixed in cold and hot water!

Diana N

Great for me and the environment

I love that it contains only the 'good' ingredients (i.e no seed or vegetable oils) and is really creamy. The bonus is that Nimbus accept the used empty plastic bags so it can be recycled as well.

Lynda C

Tastes great

Taste good . And good that I know what I’m drinking in my tea

Rebecca W

Delicious and convenient for travelling

Very happy with this product, particularly as I'm travelling at the moment, so I can make up enough to last till the day I'm leaving. The oat milk is very creamy, so I add a little more water than suggested, making the consistency just as I like it.

luiza U

Great tasting product

Great tasting product

Capucine C

good for camping

Loved this pack, it worked well on a camping trip.

Matthew P

The GOAT of oats?

Australian-made, cost-effective, calcium-enriched, low-sugar oat milk option - yes, please!

Danielle S

Loved the starter kit...

Loved the starter kit with bottle. The milk is delicious and great convenience to only make as much as you need. Like that I can support a smaller business and make a good environmental decision.

Danielle H

Great replacement!

I was keen to replace my carton Oat Milk that I use for a morning coffee, and switch to one without vegetable oils. Have found this one to be brilliant! Froths beautifully on my espresso machine. It’s more bitter / less sweet, even though I was buying unsweetened… but worth it for the benefits! Will continue to purchase :)

Cindy C

Great taste!

So impressed with the flavour and minimal packaging waste. Have ordered a second starter kit for a friend to try. Highly recommend this product.

Jennie M

I'm a convert

Loooove how convenient it is! Great tasting. I found the mocha a bit grainy, but have only tried it cold. Maybe the coffee dissolves better in hot? But I'm a convert!

Kara C

Easy to make, tastes great.

Easy to make and takes exactly like the normal supermarket oat milks.

Jessie M

Easy, tasty, economical.

So great to not lug cartons home from the supermarket! Easy and tastes good.

Ru Yee Y

Oat milk best

I just love the oat milk,peace of mind

Ru Yee Y


easy to use love it😉

Shelby B

Easy to mix and tastes great

Nimbus oatmilk is so easy to make up in a shaker. Sometimes we even mix it in our milk frother at the same time as heating it for coffee. And it tastes great too!

Samantha J

Great pack!

Great pack - the oat mocha is delicious and the oat milk is great. So easy to portion and not waste extra oat milk

Our signature Oat Milk mix is packed 
with Australian oats and carefully selected ingredients for maximum nutrition and flavour.

Avocado and avocado oil

Avocado Oil Powder

Raw oats and oats in powdered form

Australian Oats (93%)

Give it a stir

Oat Milk pouch being opened

Scoop it

Scoop the amount you need and say goodbye to a pantry full of cartons 
and milk bottles.

Adding Nimbus Oat Milk to bottle

Add water & shake

Shake until the powder is fully dissolved! For the perfect consistency, use our shaker bottle.

Pouring Oat Milk into a glass cup at dining room table

Sip, froth or chill

With breakfast, a coffee or straight from the cup, serve it up however 
you fancy.

Stacking up

No water, no worries. Just oats in powdered form with carefully selected ingredients for maximum flavour.

Recycling FAQs
from $2.9 / litre
$3.50 - $6.50 / litre
Recycled packaging
All virgin materials
3g of packaging / litre
30g of packaging / litre
Weighs 110g / litre
Weighs 1,100g / litre
100% Australian oats
Oats from somewhere
Healthy avocado oil
Industrial seed oil
  • On Nimbus bulk subscription VIP status

  • Packaging contains 40%-100% recycled content

Ways to enjoy

Our oat milk is made to be enjoyed however you consume your milk. Just scoop out some powder, add water, shake and serve!

  • Straight from the cup
  • In a smoothie
  • For breakfast
  • In coffee
  • On-the-go
Placing Nimbus Shaker Bottle in tote bag
Pouring Oat Milk into a glass cup at dining room table